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Is a global professional indoor air quality improvement program provider
Experts in the field of indoor air technology and clean energy;
Leading Europe's high-end quality life, advocating green and healthy housing - rich in oxygen, enjoy breathing!
The company's entire product covers all kinds of working conditions in China, and is based on a practical and practical one.
It is divided into a ceiling type integrated machine, a two-way cabinet type integrated machine, and a two-way wall-mounted integrated machine.

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BGH Two-way humidifying¥ 27800-29800

BGD Two-way dehumidification¥ 27800-29800

BGF PM2.5 ultrafiltration

¥ 21800-25800

BGW Two-way Heat recovery

¥ 12800-13800

BGS PM2.5 vertical filter haze

¥ 20800-22800

BGD Two-way dehumidification¥ 27800-29800

BGP PM2.5 Physical filtration

¥ 17800-20800


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